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PhD & Postdoc Seminar Series

PhD students & Postdocs have the possibility to present their data and discuss amongst themselves in a relaxed setting (without PIs) in this Seminar Series. It takes place once a month, Tuesdays at 5pm. The dates will be announced via the RTG Mailing list.

This Seminar should support young scientist, to present their data in a (creative) way, and to learn to bring their Message across to everyone. The presentation can be either a progress report of the project, an introduction of a specific method that was established, a scientific problem that is faced, or a different issue that is relevant to support the progress.

As a motivation, speakers of the seminar series can be awarded with prices.

The Seminar series is organized by the PhD & Postdoc committee. If you would like to be part of this Committee or you would like to give a talk in the series please contact the Coordinator of the SFB 1403. 






5 pm

Premiere: Silvia von Karstedt

“Ferroptosis: an ancient type of regulated necrosis?”


5 pm

Kristel Lagunas Martinez, Annibaldi Lab (associated)

„All About the IncuCyte – From basics to Cell Death Assays“


5 pm

Project A01 - Huipeng Jiao (Pasparakis Lab): “Mechanisms of cell death-induced inflammation”

Project A02 - Bernhard Röck (Garcia Lab): “Cross-talk between dying and bystander cells in vitro and in vivo: an optogenetics approach”


5 pm

Project B03 - Nick Dunken (Zuccaro Lab): "Killing them softly - Investigating cell death induction by beneficial root endophytic fungi"

Project A03 - Francesca Pinci (Hornung Lab): "Dissecting the role of DAMPs in necroptosis-mediated inflammation"


5 pm

Project A04 (Schmidt Lab):

Lisa Schiffelers: "The molecular mechanism of inhibitory GSDMD nanobodies - structural insights"


Project B02 - Sina Barghahn (Döhlemann Lab) & Melissa Mantz (Huesgen Lab): "tba"

Summer Break


5 pm

Project A05 - von Karstedt Lab

Project A06 - Langer Lab


5 pm

Project A07 - Eming Lab

Project B07 - Chai, Garcia and Maekawa Labs


5 pm

Project A08 - Schwarz Lab

Project A09 - Nephrolab


5 pm

Project A10 - Peltzer and Walczak Labs

Project B08 – Chai, Parker and Schulze-Lefert Lab