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We are Looking for motivated PhD students & Postdocs

We are always interested in hearing from motivated PhD students and talented postdocs. If you are interested in working in one of the SFB 1403 labs, feel free to contact the PIs directly or contact the SFB 1403 office for more information.

Currently available positions:

- Junior Research Group Leader within the SFB 1403. We are looking for a junior research group leader at the medical Faculty of the University of Cologne. We offer core support of a junior research group, including salary for staff and consumables which will be available for a period of 5 years. For more information please to nature.com or to the application platform here. Application Deadline June 20th 2021.

--> Interested applicants should submit an updated CV including a full publication record, previous and current third party funding and the names of two references, as well as a research statement outlining their future research plans

- Postdoctoral Position at Paul Schulze-Leferts Lab. For more information please see the Job advertisment. Application Deadline June 4th 2021

- Master Thesis: Substrates of a potential bacterial effector protease: Searching for conserved targets in mammal and plant immune pathways. In the frame of a collaboration of the Kashkar Lab, Huesgen Lab and Döhlemann lab. For more information please see the Advertisment.