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Nieves Peltzer

Linear ubiquitin as a common regulator of cellular stress.


Linear or M1-ubiquitination (Ub) is required for optimal NF-kB activationand for cell death inhibition. Using Drosophila as a model organism, Aaltoet al. found that hypoxia, oxidative and mechanical stress induced M1-Ubby the HOIP homolog, LUBEL. Increased M1-Ub had a protective func-tion driven by activation of the NF-jB transcription factor Relish via theImmune deficiency pathway (Imd). This protective M1-Ub was alsoinduced upon cellular stress in colorectal cancer cells. Collectively, theypropose that M1-Ub is a conserved, common response to different formsof stresses. These findings may have important implications for the use ofHOIP inhibitors for cancer treatment.

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