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Children University

Together with CECAD, the SFB 1403 organized an Event for the Children University 2022. Our topic was all about bacteria and viruses and how they can be good and bad for our organism.
The introduction into our research field by Bernhard Schermer was really exciting for the kids and led to many interesting and smart questions.
In the practical course the kids were able to perform a LAMP reaction by themselves in order to detect staphylococcus aureus from their skin. Furthermore, the kids had a look at PCA Agar plates, either with Fingerprints from dirty hands, unwashed hands, water washed hands and disinfected hands, and correctly sorted the plates to the conditions. In the end the kids could leave their fingerprints on fresh Agar plates to see if bacteria would grow.
One Highlight for the kids was also the presentation of the Electron Microscope from the CECAD Imaging facility with impressive images from Bacteria and viruses.

Thanks to Bernhard Schermer, and the Team of the Nephrolab (Reza, Thorsten and Kai), Felix Gaedke and Anna Euteneuer for this great event!

04.11. & 05.11.2021

First (in person) retreat of the SFB 1403

The 1st SFB 1403 (in person) retreat took place in November 2021 at the Hotel Schützenhof in Eitorf.

On the retreat the Projects of the SFB 1403 gave an overview about the newest research results and the progress of the projects. The poster session after dinner allowed exchange and networking among the members in a relaxed atmosphere.

Not only our SFB 1403 members, but also our guest scientists could discus amongst each other about technical problems, plans for the future, colaborations and many more things.