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Female support Initiatives by the University of Cologne

The Female Career Programme (FCP, established in 2001) is one of the key features of the UoC’s commitment to the advancement of women and provides regular courses in vital areas such as networking, presentation, interview techniques aimed at women at different stages of their academic career (undergraduates, PhD students, early and advanced academic staff), complemented by extensive training and coaching for leadership positions.

For more information visit: FCP, University Cologne

The Cornelia Harte Mentoring (CHM) Programmes, established by the gender commissioner, combine one-on-one mentoring with general skills training and networking. The main objectives of this program are the dissemination of life and work experience and the establishment of networks between mentors and mentees. A special focus of these offers is the advancement of women in STEM subjects e.g. in the form of information events for girls for the subjects of physics, chemistry and medicine, mentoring schemes for female students and young researchers in the natural sciences and medicine as well as STEM-networking activities for young researchers. In 2015, the Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences was rewarded with the Jenny-Gusyk-Equality-Prize of the UoC for their successful efforts to support women in STEM.

For more information visit: Cornelia Harte Mentoring

The International Female Scholar (IFS) Mentoring Programme is designed especially for female academics from abroad. This program matches PhD students and postdoctoral fellows with experienced professors in one-on-one mentoring relationships. Through this system, mentees learn strategies for individual career planning, gain insight into the informal rules and structures of university life in Germany, and grow their networks. The program is accompanied by a variety of workshops and individual coaching sessions.

For more information visit: IFS Mentoring Programme

The Dual Career & Family Support (CFS) center at the university level supports attractive dual career offers in frame of recruitment procedures, sustained improvement of available day-care facilities for children of UoC scientists, as well as the maintenance of databases for available child-care facilities and reliable nannies.

For more inforamation visit: CFS center