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How to become a PhD student at the UoC?

1. Graduate School:

PhD students at the University of Cologne need to register as PhD student (Promotionsstudent) at the faculty of choice, in this case Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty (Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät) or the Medical Faculty (Medizinische Fakultät).

Supervisor belongs to Graduate School What to do?
Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty Graduate School for Biological Sciences (GSfBS) Register at GSfBS
Medical Faculty * Interdisciplinary Program Molecular Medicine (IPMM) or IPHS Contact the IPMM

* There are some PIs who belong to the Medical Faculty AND to the mathematics and natural Science Faculty --> check here

2. Docfile:

The University of Cologne has to keep a statistic of al PhD students of the University. Therefore, every PhD student needs to register at the University. For this you need to go to Docfile and register yourself. You will need your Docfile number in order to register at the University to become a PhD student.

For Help with Docfile please check the FAQs

Career Development

Scientific and transferable skill courses and workshops offered by:

  • Graduate School for Biological Sciences (GSfBS
  • Interdisciplinary Program Molecular Medicine (IPMM)
  • Albertus Magnus Center (AMC),  
  • Human Resources (HR) Development for Researchers.

Female Career Support is offered by:

  • Female Career Program (FCP)
  • Cornelia Harte Mentoring (CHM)
  • International female scholars mentoring (IFS)
  • Dual Career Family Support (CFS)
  • For more information please also visit the SFB 1403 Gender & Equality sections