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Cell Death-RTG Members

A01 - Mechanisms of cell death-induced inflammation
Pasparakis Lab
•    Gökberk Kaya, PhD student, contact                             •    Juliane Lohman, PhD student, contact
•    Laurens Wachsmuth, Postdoc, contact                         •    Lioba Körner, PhD student, contact                                
•    Masahiro Nagata, Postdoc, contact                                •    Onur Eren, Postdoc, contact                                        
•    Simone Wolf, PhD student, contact                                •    Son Luu, PhD student, contact

A02 - Cross-talk between dying and bystander cells in vitro and in vivo: an optogenetics approach 
Garcia-Saez Lab                                                                 Garcia-Saez Lab & Pasparakis Lab
•    Bernhard Röck, PhD student, contact                            •    Milos Gojkovic, Postdoc, contact
•    Uris Ros, Postdoc, contact
•    Yasmin Abdelwahab, PhD student, contact

A03 - Identification of molecules and key pathways that drive necroptosis-dependent inflammation
Hornung Lab
•    Francesca Pinci, Postdoc, contact

A04 - Cellular responses to and molecular pathways of macrophage pyroptosis
Schmidt Lab                                                                      Latz Lab
•    José Guzman Martin, PhD student, contact                •    Anil Akbal, PhD student, contact
•    Lisa Schiffelers, PhD student, contact

A05 - Inflammatory signalling in ferroptotic cell death
von Karstedt Lab
•    Fatma Isil Yapici, PhD student, contact

A06 - Mitochondrial YME1L at the interface of cell death and inflammation
Langer Lab
•    Amir Bahat, Postdoc, contact

A07 - Control of macrophage cell death in skin homeostasis and repair
Eming Lab
•    Daniela Welcker, Postdoc, contact
•    Louise Injarabian, Postdoc, contact

A08 - Ferroptosis and regulated cell death in sulphite oxidase deficiency
Schwarz Lab
•    Chun-Yu Fu, PhD student, contact
•    Lena Johannes, PhD student, contact

A09 - Regulated cell death and kidney fibrosis as a consequence of mutation of cilia-associated genes
Benzig & Schermer Lab (Nephrolab)
•    Emilia Kieckhöfer, PhD student

A10 - The role of the different LUBAC components in TNF-induced cell death, inflammation, immunity and disease
Peltzer Lab
•    Lucas Valdez Capuccino, PhD student, contact
•    Önay Veli, PhD student, contact
•    Ximena Hildebrandt, PhD student, contact

Walczak Lab
•    Alexis Betrancourt, PhD student, contact                      •    Konstantinos Kelepouras, PhD student, contact
•    Marie-Christine Albert, Postdoc, contact                  

B01 - Role of apoptotic caspases in macrophage-mediated anti-bacterial immunity
Kashkar Lab
•    Besarta Thaqi, PhD student, contact                             •    Fabian Schorn, Postdoc, contact
•    Hossein Hozhabri, PhD student, contact                       •    Melanie Fritsch, Postdoc, contact
•    Mila Daoud, Postdoc, contact                                          •    Patrick Glaser, Promotion Fellowship, contact

B02 - Signals and substrates of cell death proteases in plant – microbe interactions
Döhlemann Lab                                                                   Huesgen Lab
•    Sina Barghahn, Postdoc, contact                                   •    Melissa Manz, PhD student, contact
•    Philipp Katzy, PhD student, contact
•    Johana Stadtel, Postdoc, contact

B03 - Cell death regulation and function in plant-fungal symbiosis
Zuccaro Lab
•    Nick Dunken, PhD student, contact                               •    Nyasha Charura, PhD Student, contact
•    Patricia Zecua Ramirez, PhD student, contact            •    Pia Saake, PhD Student, contact

B05 - Mechanisms and consequences of myeloid cell death induced by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Rybniker Lab
•    Julie Mudler, PhD student
•    Sebastian Theobald, Postdoc

B06 - The evolution of regulated necrotic cell death
Hofmann Lab
•    Nicole Oelerich, PhD student, contact
•    Shuhua Chen, Postdoc, contact

B07 - Structural and functional study of mixed lineage kinase domain-like proteins in plants and animals
Maekawa Lab                                                                       Garcia-Saez Lab
•    Qiaochu Shen, PhD student, contact                              •    Timo Dellmann, Postdoc, contact
Chai Lab &Maekawa Lab
•    Keiichi Hasegawa, PhD student, contact

B08 - Connecting plant sensor NLRs to host cell death responses
Parker Lab                                                                              Schulze-Lefert Lab
•    Giuliana Heßler, PhD student, contact                               •    Florian Kümmel, PhD student, contact
•    Junli Wang, Postdoc, contact                                               •    Li Liu, Postdoc, contact
•    Oliver Johanndrees, PhD student, contact 

Chai Lab
•    Dongli Yu, PhD student, contact
•    Hannah Bernady, Student, contact

Ass. - Mechanisms of cross-talk between different cell death pathways
Annibaldi Lab
•    Deniz Savcigli, PhD student, contact
•    Kristel Martinez Lagunas, Postdoc, contact
•    Matea Zrilic, PhD student, contact

SFB 1403 Cell Death-RTG Alumni

  • Lucie Laurien, Postdoc, in Project A01
  • Katharina Ried, PhD student, in Project A06
  • Robin Schwarzer, Postdoc, in Project A10
  • Ana Kostina, Postdoc, in Project B07
  • Miki Uchima, Postdoc, in Project A04
  • Gisela Slaats, Postdoc, in Project A09
  • Huipeng Jiao, Postdoc, in Project A01
  • Ali Lashkari, PhD Qualification Fellowship in Project B02
  • Mohsen Aberoumandi, PhD Qualification Fellowship in Project B01
  • Xinyi Lin, Promotions Fellowship in Project A09
  • Hannah Schünke, Postdoc, Project A01
  • Juliane Lohmann, PhD Qualification Fellowship in Project A01
  • Marius Rüehl, Medical Orientation Fellowship in Project B01
  • Niels Galow, Medical Orientation Fellowship in Project A10
  • Henriette Läßle, PhD Qualification Fellowship in Project B08
  • Andreas Perrar, PhD student, Project B02
  • Katrin Gerstenberg, Medical Orientation Fellowship in Project B01
  • Cäcilia Kaul, Medical Orientation Fellowship in Project B01