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SFB 1403 Tandem Grants

3 Projects of SFB 1403 Junior Scientists were funded

The SFB 1403 promotes interactions between plant an animal cell death research with tandem grants for small research projects with at scientists from both fields. The tandem grants fund new reach ides with proof of principle experiments in the field of cell death.

We are happy to announce that 3 Project were funded in 2021. Congratulations to:

  • "Substrates of the potential Shigella effector protease NleC: Searching for conserved targets in mammal and plant immune pathways" by Dr. Sina Barghahn (Döhlemann Lab), Dr. Melanie Fritsch (Kashkar Lab), and Melissa Mantz (Huesgen Lab)
  • "Definition of microscopic hallmarks of the Programmed Cell Death in plants" by Anna Kostina (Garcia-Saez lab)
  • "The Role of RBOH and SO-dependent ROS production in Serendipita indica fungal-induced cell death phase during endophytic colonization of Arabidopsis roots" by Patricia Zecua and Besarta Thaqi
A Study on Doctoral Candidates in Germany

Nacaps at the UoC

Thinking doctorates together at the University of Cologne - with your participation in NACAPS

Starting on 22 February 2021, the National Academics Panel Study (NACAPS) will be conducted at the University of Cologne. For the first time, the study systematically collects data on doctoral conditions and career paths of highly qualified academics in Germany.

Your feedback is important for us: How you personally feel about a doctorate at the University of Cologne, what experiences you have had and what additional support you might have wished for, can be reflected back to the University of Cologne via participation in NACAPS. Your experiences and impressions will help us to think together about doctorates for current and future doctoral candidates at the University of Cologne. By participating in Nacaps, you have the opportunity to actively set new impulses and help influence higher education and science policy.

Further information is provided here: