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The SFB 1403 would like to support young scientists in their scientific careers. We therefore offer fellowships for students with a minimum of good grades at different stages of their studies:

If you are a medical student and would like to get an insight into cell death research to prepare for a potential doctorate project you can apply for a "Short-term orientation fellowships" (up to 4 months* and 934 €/m).

If you have recently finished your Master of Science and would like to prepare for your PhD project within a SFB 1403 group you can apply for a "Short-term qualification PhD fellowship" (up to 4 months* and 1.468 €/m).

If you are medical student and would like to perform your medical doctorate project within the SFB 1403 you can apply for a "Promotionsstipendium" (up to 12 months* and 1.037 €/m).

If you are an advanced medical student and would like to continue/strenghten your scientific research you can apply for a "Consolidation fellowship" (up to 6 months* and 1.037 €/m).

* Please discuss the duration of the fellowship with the Lab you would like to join. The indicated times are the initial maximum times for the specific fellowships.


The Fellowship Application form can be downloaded from this page. Please fill this out accordingly and send the fellowship application to sfb1403-officeSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de at any time.