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04.10.2021 + 05.10.2021

First PhD & Postdocs retreat

The 1st PhD & Psotdoc retreat took place in October 2021 at the Seminaris in Bad Honnef.

The retreat was organized by the PhD & Postdoc Committee of the SFB 1403 integrated Research Training Group (iRTG) and this allowed everyone to get the chance to get to know each in person. Group Building excercises (pasta tour building, and science speed dating) initiated collaborations within the RTG and furthermore allowed exchange and networking among the members in a relaxed atmosphere.

During the retreat, PhD students and Postdocs presented their research projects, and discussed with their fellow members about technical problems, plans for the future, and many more things.

PhD & Postdoc Seminar Series

PhD students & Postdocs have the possibility to present their data and discuss amongst themselves in a relaxed setting (without PIs) in this Seminar Series. It takes place once a month, Tuesdays at 5pm. The dates will be announced via the RTG Mailing list.

This Seminar should support young scientist, to present their data in a (creative) way, and to learn to bring their Message across to everyone. The presentation can be either a progress report of the project, an introduction of a specific method that was established, a scientific problem that is faced, or a different issue that is relevant to support the progress.

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