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A03 - The role of metalloprotease activity in necroptosis driven inflammation

Veit Hornung

Gene Center Munich, Department for Biochemistry, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Contact: hornung(at)genzentrum.lmu.de
For more information visit: Hornung lab


Unlike apoptosis, necroptosis results in the release of cytosolic contents that are believed to induce inflammation. Using a well-established in vitro model of human cells, this project aims to characterise necroptosis-driven inflammation in vitro and to identify necroptosis-dependent DAMP or alarmin molecules. By systematically perturbing all known PRR- and cytokine receptor-dependent signalling cascades within bystander cells this project will additionally characterise the dominant sensing modalities in this setting. These efforts will provide novel mechanistic insights into how necroptosis triggers inflammation.

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