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A04 - Molecular pathways of gasdermin pore formation and repair

Florian Schmidt

Institute of Innate Immunity, University Hospital Bonn, University of Bonn
Contact: fschmidt(at)uni-bonn.de
For more information visit: Schmidt Lab


In the first funding phase, we identified inhibitory GSDMD nanobodies that block GSDMD oligomerization, pore formation, pyroptosis, and cytokine secretion when expressed in the cytosol. Antagonistic nanobodies revealed both molecular insights into the mechanism of GSDMD pore formation, and offered an unexpected therapeutic angle to counteract GSDMD-mediated pyroptosis. In the second funding period, we will apply nanobodies to study pore formation by GSDMA and GSDME.

Recent Publications

Project A04 Publications 2020 - 2023

Project related Publications

Project A04 First funding period 2020 - 2023