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CP02 - Genetically engineered mouse models for the study of cell death and its role in immunity and inflammation

This central service project aims to facilitate access to already existing genetic mouse models that are relevant for cell death research, and provides service for the generation of new genetically modified mice for the work within the SFB. A central repository of genetic mouse models will be established that will provide both live animals but also cells from these mice to the CRC projects.

Branko Zevnik

in vivo Research Facility, CECAD
Contact: branko.zevnikSpamProtectionuk-koeln.de
For more information visit: CECAD ivRF

Manolis Pasparakis

Institute for genetics, CECAD, University of Cologne
Contact: pasparakisSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de
For more information visit: Pasparakis lab

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