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CP03 - Cell Death Assessment Unit

CP03 Services

The “Cell Death Assessment Unit” provides expertise and application-oriented assessment of different types of RCD both in situ within the affected tissues but also in vitro in cultured cells. This unit can support the SFB Groups in the evaluation of different types of cell death and thereby ensure standardisation across the SFB groups.

Equipment Platform

The Cell Death Assessment Unit provides access to different equipment. For further information please see the table below. CP03 can assist with the use of the equipment and provide information on protocols and analysis of specific experiments.

Equipment Specificities Information
IncuCyte® IncuCyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis
Software Module
IncuCyte internal
PAM Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imager M-Series MAXI-Version (SystemI) PAM internal

Histology Platform

The SFB would like to support their groups with the Histology platform of CP03. Within CP03 we can provide different services.

Basic service:  Tissue embedding & sectioning, H&E stainings.

Protocols & Antibodies: Working protocols for Cell Death stainings in specific stainings

Establishment of stainings: Adapting and establishment of stainings for specific needs

Protocols for standardised experimental methodologies that identify dying and dead cells and the responsible RCD pathways in culture and in tissues can be found here.

Stainings for Necroptosis (p-MLKL, p-Ripk3, P-Ripk1) are currently being established, we can not provide running protocols yet.

Hamid Kashkar

Institute for Molecular Immunology, CECAD
Contact: h.kashkar(at)uni-koeln.de
For more information visit: Kashkar lab

Silvia von Karstedt

Department of Translational Genomics, CECAD
Contact: s.vonkarstedt(at)uni-koeln.de
For more information visit: von Karstedt Lab

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