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CP04 - Proteomic dissection of cell death-mediated protein release and proteolysis

Pitter Huesgen

Institute of Biology II, University of Freiburg
Contact: pitter.huesgen(at)biologie.uni-freiburg.de
For more information visit: Huesgen lab

Felix Meissner

Institute for innate immunity, University Bonn
Contact: felix.meissner(at)uni-bonn.de
For more information visit: Meissner lab


This project is funded within the 2nd funding period of the SFB 1403, starting from 2024

This core project aims to i) develops tailored mass spectrometry-based approaches for the comprehensive analysis of cell death released proteins and protease substrates in both mammalian and plant systems and ii) advise all interested CRC members on experimental design and execution of proteomics experiments, including sample preparation, measurement and initial data analysis, and contribute to data interpretation and dissemination. Thus, this core project will provide essential tools and expertise to decipher the mechanisms underlying the cross-talk between dying and bystander cells.

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