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A06 - The role of mitochondria for cellular protection against ferroptosis

Thomas Langer

Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
Contact: langer(at)age.mpg.de
For more information visit: Langer Lab


Mitochondria play an active role in cell death control and are emerging as central regulators of innate immunity. In addition to their well-described role in apoptosis, mitochondria have also been linked to other modes of regulated cell death, such as necroptosis, ferroptosis and pyroptosis. This project will examine how the mitochondrial i-AAA protease YME1L regulates cell survival, mtDNA release and inflammatory responses on a molecular level and how this relates to neurodegeneration and tissue-specific cell death in vivo. These studies will help define the role of mitochondria at the interface between cell death and inflammation.

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Project A06 Publications 2020-2023

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