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A07 - Control of macrophage cell death in skin homeostasis and repair

Sabine Eming

Department of Dermatology, University of Cologne
Contact: sabine.eming(at)uni-koeln.de
For more information visit: Eming Lab


Monocytes/macrophages are an integral component of the body’s ability to restore tissue function after injury. These cells respond rapidly to pathogen- and damage-associated molecular patterns and help repair resulting tissue damage. Subsequent clearance of monocytes/macrophages from the site of injury is critical for wound healing, however it is unresolved how and to which extent cell death contributes to clearance from the wound site and how it affects the healing response. The project aims to explore how the death of wound monocytes/macrophages is regulated and how different modes of myeloid cell death regulate the healing process.

Recent Publications

Project A07 Publications 2020-2023

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